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Back Again with Another Round of Reddit FAQs

Back Again with Another Round of Reddit FAQs

Hello REDMAGIC community, it’s good to have you back for another Q&A session. As always,  this week’s edition will explore the top questions, concerns, and queries from the Reddit community, and provide insightful answers and valuable observations on a handful of topics. Let's dive in.


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Is there a benefit to charge separation outside of gaming?
How effective is the built-in cooling fan?
Is it safe to use an external cooling device? Any recommendations?
iPhone 15 Pro Max vs REDMAGIC for content creation?
Will I still get updates on my REDMAGIC 7?


Is There a Benefit to Charge Separation Outside of Gaming?


When it comes to the benefits of charge separation, gamers offer contrasting opinions, and it all boils down to how much you value battery preservation in the long run. Some say it's good because it helps preserve the battery by only using power directly from the socket, not the battery, during extended gaming sessions. They suggest keeping the battery between 30% and 70% or 20% and 80% to keep it healthy.

On the other hand, other gamers think this is too much of a hassle. They believe that even if you charge normally, the battery won't degrade much over time, especially considering the fact that the battery is so large. They prefer convenience over strict charging rules, arguing that it's not worth the effort for only about 10% of preservation over a 3 year period. 

So, whether you follow strict charging routines or not depends on what you think is more important: preserving battery life or keeping things simple.


How Effective Is the Built-in Cooling Fan?


To answer this question, let’s explore the cooling systems within the REDMAGIC 8 and 9 Series. 

The REDMAGIC ICE 11.0 Cooling System (REDAGIC 8 Pro) features the 20,000 RPM turbo-fan and a 10-layer cooling system that effectively covers the battery, Red Core gaming chip, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip to drop temperatures by up to 16°C during gameplay. An additional layer of graphene beneath the screen helps dissipate heat from thumbs while gaming.

The REDMAGIC ICE 12.0 Cooling System (REDMAGIC 8S Pro) is almost the same as the previous generation, but features a slight improvement that makes it 2.7°C cooler than its predecessor. This is thanks to the improved ventilation and rearranged ducts that increase overall airflow by 35%.


Our latest internal cooling system, the ICE 13.0, is statistically the most effective (and beautiful) internal cooling system to date. By relocating the dual camera system and turbofan to the side, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro achieves a sleeker look and enhanced cooling performance with an 18% larger cooling chamber, the industry's largest. The turbofan also receives a notable upgrade, operating at an impressive 22,000 RPM. Overall, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro sets a new standard in cooling performance and visual appeal.


Is It Safe to Use an External Cooling Device? Any Recommendations?


Although REDMAGIC devices have dedicated cooling systems built into them, as we explored above, intense gaming sessions can cause even the best phones to overheat and eventually slow down. We know this, and that’s why we release an external cooling device with each new generation of gaming smartphone. Some gamers have concerns about condensation possibly building up and causing water damage, and we took this into consideration when creating the external coolers so they are completely safe to use with your REDMAGIC or other gaming devices, even Apple.

REDMAGIC has a collection of three external coolers currently available on the global store, and as a simple rule of thumb, we recommend using the older cooler (REDMAGIC Ice Dock) for older devices, and the more recent ones (REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4 & 4 Pro) for new devices. Additionally, we’re working on bringing you guys an even better external cooler, so keep an eye out for the official announcement. 


iPhone 15 Pro Max vs REDMAGIC for Content creation?


We’ve explored the benefits of choosing a REDMAGIC 8 Pro over an iPhone 15 as a gaming device and daily driver, you can read the full article here for the full insights. However, how do the more improved devices, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, compare for content creation when playing games like PUBG, CoDM, Warzone Mobile, and Genshin Impact? This is a question that’s best answered by people who have experienced both devices, and lucky for us, they’ve left insightful reviews.

If your main goal is to experience high end resolution, consistent frame rates, stable temperatures, and extensive battery power, then fellow gamers suggest going for the REDMAGIC 9 Pro. On the other hand, some gamers believe that Apple provides a better daily driver experience and access to a wider variety of video editing apps. Though they do agree that iPhone’s aren’t created for gaming, and the true gamer might find extended gaming sessions disadvantageous.  


Will I Still Get Updates on My REDMAGIC 7?


All REDMAGIC devices are scheduled to receive one major software update from Android to keep each device in line with industry standards, and incorporate the latest technology and features. Chances are, if you’ve already updated your Android OS, you won’t get another one. However, we do have a handful of security updates that roll out every few months for up to two years. REDMAGIC devices that are older than 2 years will most likely not get any more updates, but they will still be able to deliver an incredible gaming experience.