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Who Is Our Heartbreaker? The REDMAGIC #PhoneBreakup Winner Announcement

We’ve gone through all your comments and messages, and while this statement feels absolutely out of place and almost rude, we really enjoyed reading your un-love letters and watching you break up with your smartphones. Your messages were as cold as the REDMAGIC 9 Pro’s built-in ICE 13.0 cooling system, and maybe that’s why we feel a little bit guilty for rewarding such heartbreaking behavior. But in any case, you stuck to your end of the deal, so we have to stick to ours.


After all sorts of deliberation and back and forth between the adjudicators, and with all the numbers considered, we’re happy to announce the winners of the #phonebreakup giveaway. There are six winners in total, but only one heartbreaker will get to call their current smartphone an “ex”, and the REDMAGIC 9 Pro their new ride-or-die. 


Who Had the Coldest Breakup? 


We have two chargers, three coolers, and the grand prize to give away. Congratulations goes out to:


Patrick D., and Jhune Michael P. who will soon be experiencing all-new levels of charging with a REDMAGIC Charger.


Jezreel V., Mark I., and Lawrence P. who will now have the pleasure of gaming with a phone that’s as cold as their love letters with a new REDMAGIC Cooler.


Our winner, and new bae to a REDMAGIC 9 Pro is Monika K. who will soon be parting ways with the current device.


Special Mention


We recently celebrated our 6th Anniversary, and in true REDMAGIC style, we promised all new subscribers a giveaway. The winner of a new REDMAGIC 9 Pro has been chosen and a device will be making its way to Thank you for your support.


All About the W’s 


REDMAGIC is truly dedicated to helping you Win More Games, and sometimes those games are giveaways. So you can rest assured that in the near future, we’ll be giving you yet another opportunity to become a winner. Until then, keep your eyes glued to all REDMAGIC platforms and subscribe to be the first to know about new giveaways when they’re announced.