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Celebrate Graduation Season with Exclusive Deals and Surprises from REDMAGIC!

Celebrate Graduation Season with Exclusive Deals and Surprises from REDMAGIC!

In April, REDMAGIC explored the cognitive benefits of mobile gaming, including enhanced problem-solving skills and increased spatial awareness. As the graduating class of 2024, you’ve used these skills throughout your academic journey. Now, as you stand on the brink of a new chapter, it’s time to celebrate this milestone with something special from REDMAGIC.


Our Graduation Gift to You


To honor your remarkable journey, REDMAGIC is thrilled to offer exclusive student and graduate discounts on some of our best gear. We understand the importance of having the right tools as you move forward, whether for gaming, productivity, or staying connected with your peers. That’s why we’ve got your back with an unbeatable offer.


Keep Your Brain Sharp with a New Gaming Device


If you purchase the REDMAGIC 9 Pro during Graduation Season, from June 4th to June 11th, we’ll send you a mystery box with a gaming accessory worth up to $199! This exclusive gift is our way of helping you gear up for the challenges and adventures ahead. 

The surprise is, the mystery box could contain an exclusive REDMAGIC item that’s not available to the public. Here’s a sneak peek of what you might find inside:

  • Shadow Blade Gamepad
  • Experience seamless gaming with one of REDMAGIC’s powerful gamepads.

  • External Cooling Device
  • Keep your REDMAGIC 9 Pro performing at its best during intense gaming sessions with one of REDMAGICs ultra cold external cooling devices. 

  • Stylish Smartwatch
  • Stay connected and on time with a one-of-a-kind, exclusive smartwatch.


    How to Enjoy This Exclusive Offer


    What’s more is, the offer is available to both students and graduates with a valid student or graduate discount code. So even if 2024 isn’t your graduating year, you can still unlock an unforgettable experience. 

    Head over to the REDMAGIC website and add the REDMAGIC 9 Pro to your cart. Make sure you use your exclusive discount code at the checkout to be eligible for a mystery box. After you’ve completed your purchase, you can sit back and ponder on the mystery gift that’s on its way to you. 


    Why the REDMAGIC 9 Pro Is the Ultimate Graduation Gift


    Let’s delve into what sets this powerhouse smartphone apart. 

    Firstly, its unmatched performance sets it leagues ahead of the competition. Fueled by the latest Snapdragon processor, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro ensures that you experience smooth and responsive performance, no matter how demanding the task at hand may be. Whether you’re multitasking between apps, streaming videos, or engaging in intense gaming sessions, this device rises to the occasion effortlessly.

    The device also offers the ultimate gaming experience with a high refresh rate display, advanced cooling system, and customizable game settings. It’s a device tailor-made for gamers who demand nothing but the best. 

    Beyond its performance prowess, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro boasts a stunning design that reflects your bold new journey. Sleek, stylish, and modern, this device is not just a tool; it’s a statement. Whether you’re in the boardroom or the gaming den, the REDMAGIC 9 Pro makes a lasting impression, exuding confidence and sophistication every step of the way.

    And let’s not forget about battery life – a crucial factor in today’s fast-paced world. With the REDMAGIC 9 Pro, you can stay powered throughout your day and beyond, thanks to its long-lasting battery that keeps up with your pace.


    Here’s to the Class of 2024


    Your graduation marks a significant achievement, and it deserves a celebration. REDMAGIC is here to support you with top-tier gaming gear and exclusive offers that recognize your hard work and potential.

    Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate your achievement with REDMAGIC’s extraordinary offer. If you’re not already a member of the REDMAGIC Student Program, it’s not too late to join the party. Just make sure it’s before June 11th, 7:30 PM (GMT+8). Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for more exciting offers and updates.

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